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Stonemasons London – City Stone UK

Building restoration is a highly specialised skill requiring an understanding of both traditional craftsmanship and modern repair technology.

Such skill is no longer confined to the painstaking conversation of major historic buildings. Attention has now turned towards the many period buildings which has helped to create the distinctive character of our town and cities. This together with the pressure of urban regeneration, has resulted in an increased demand for building refurbishment expertise throughout the country.

City stone is backed by the resources of a specialized team of traditional craftsmen with 30 years experience and modern repair skills in the field of building restoration & stone masonry.

Over the years we have been entrusted with the conservation of many famous landmarks, iconic buildings, churches and  by housing refurbishment schemes in the public and private sectors.

Our services have extended to the repair of more modern buildings where external masonry has failed. We are able to offer a comprehensive service, unrivalled for its breadth of experience, to the property owner, his professional consultant or building contractors.

As a by product and because of the nature of our works and specialism, we undertake the broader aspects of the building repair and maintenance as a contract package.

Are you looking for a quality stonemason in London? Perhaps you own a building with elaborate stonework and you are searching for a suitable company to carry out the restoration work. Or maybe you would like to incorporate some impressive stonework within a new building project

Whatever your requirements for a stonemason in London and the surrounding areas, we have the skills, knowledge and areas of expertise to deliver exactly what you require. Stonemasonry is a skill, one which takes considerable time to master and carry out correctly. Here at City Stone we pride ourselves in the work that we complete and have years of experience working with a range of natural stone varieties.

As a by product and because of the nature of our works and specialism, we undertake the broader aspects of the building repair and maintenance as a contract package.What’s more, our friendly team of skilled professionals will work with you to deliver exceptional standards of stonemasonry work. We will visit your premises and conduct a detailed evaluation of the work to be carried out and will then prepare a quotation outlining the costs and scope of work. The most common quotations that we provide include but are not limited to;

Maintenance or repair of existing stonework

Installation of new stone

Repair work to buildings, statutes and more

Replication and replacement of damaged or worn stonework

In order to carry out stone masonry work effectively it is really important to strike a balance using the actual trade which goes back centuries combined with modern technology which works hand in hand to deliver the very best care and repair of stone work in buildings, on statues and memorials across the world. Here at City Stone we have an experienced team of craftsmen who possess over 30 years experience in the profession and can demonstrate exceptional knowledge of restoration and stone masonry.

Since City Stone UK was launched, we have worked on an array of interesting and diverse projects including prestigious and notable landmark preservation work and large scale refurbishment projects. Furthermore, we have recently expanded and adapted our services to now apply our skills and expertise to contemporary

Services By City Stone UK

Using the skills of our craftsmen we can not only supply but also install the latest styles in new stone which can be specifically designed to suit your requirements. What’s more, we can also match existing stone as precisely as possible to ensure that the repair or replacement work looks just like the surrounding stone. Additionally, we offer advice and guidance on all types of stone and can provide recommendations on the inclusion of marble, granite, and hard limestone.

Sometimes replacing stone can be extremely costly. That’s why we are specialists in stone restoration. We will work meticulously with existing stonework to restore and repair where required and carry out the required work. Using the latest specialist repair materials, we can match colours and textures.

Where stonework requires more substantial repairs, due to corrosion from the elements, we make use of epoxy resins and fixings to restore the stone so it’s looking as good as new!

Not only do we offer repair and restoration services, we are also a leading provider of stone and brick cleaning throughout London. There are so many different types of stone and multiple ways of undertaking the cleaning process to ensure that the stone is not damaged. We work with the following types of stone;

  • Portland
  • Bath
  • Terracotta
  • Red Mansfield
  • Kentish Rag Stone
  • Marble
  • And >many other routine building stonework

As a leading London Stonemason we have built up a strong reputation in the local area for providing high quality work. If you are looking for an experienced team of professionals to repair, restore or clean any type of stonework, why not contact us today to arrange a quotation