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Brick Repointing London

City Stone UK can also undertake all types of brick repointing work. When a wall is constructed from either brick or stone, the joints are filled with mortar which helps protect the wall from the elements. However as mortar is a softer material, it is more prone to the wear than the normal brick and can erode away over time. As the building ages, the mortar needs replacing and this, in essence is the purpose of repointing.

We will use an angle grinder to remove the old brick joint and then fresh mortar, usually a mix of sand and cement is pressed into the joint and then tidied up using a trowel. However, repointing stonemasonry when it comes to a solid wall isn’t as easy. Using the same technique as with bricks can damage the surrounding stone so care must be taken to ensure that the repointing work is complete yet the surrounding stonemasonry is protected.

We are often asked why it is necessary to repoint a building and there are a few main reasons why; Firstly, as the mortar between the bricks gradually disintegrates over time, rain gets in between the remaining bricks or stone and can further erode the bricks but on a much deeper scale which of course, over time will have a significant impact on the building. Secondly, particularly with old buildings mortar was mixed differently than how it is today. When many old buildings were constructed, mortar typically consisted of a high lime content but during the second half of the 20th century, the materials used to mix mortar evolved.

When we commence work, the old pointing will be gently removed using a chisel and hammer, taking great care not to damage the surrounding stone. We pay particular attention to the window area as if it is not completed correctly, disturbing mortar around the window can cause problems with the fit and closure of the window. Once there is an adequate gap to hold the new mortar, this is then carefully applied by our skilled craftspeople. If there is any dust within the gaps due to the removal of old material this will be brushed away so the cavity is clean and prepared for the application of the fresh mortar.

Consistency is absolutely imperative. That’s why we carefully calculate exactly how much mortar will be required for the entire job so that it is all mixed at the same time as different batches of mortar can provide varying effects. Once the mortar is applied and dried, we then use a special brush to remove the excess mortar and undertake any cleaning work.

The cost of repointing work will vary depending on the areas to be repointed and the type of building. Some buildings are more complicated and time consuming than others so subsequently they require more attention. If you are looking for any repointing work, why not contact us today and book in an appointment for a quotation where we can visit your property and carry out a thorough evaluation of the stone masonry work to be complete.