About Us

City Stone UK are specialist in stone cleaning and restoration working for over 40 years in London in the stone cleaning and restoration industry. We are recognised experts in our field working with all types of stone cleaning and restoration projects. We undertake all masonry work and can supply and install in new natural stone, such as York, Portland and Bath stone.

We also work as principal contractor for clients and undertake associated work to the building as required.

We are able to carve, craft, repair and restore the most intricate of designs. We aim to provide a comprehensive stone restoration and cleaning service in London and the surrounding areas.

We undertake work for private clients, architects, surveys, heritage and conservationist to provide specialised masonry work.

Contact our team or send us an email via the contact us page on our website to discuss your requirements.  We can visit the site and provide a detailed estimate with recommendations and formulating a schedule of work outlining all of the associated costs and anticipated timescale. Clients are informed and updated on progress, identifying any areas which may cause problems from the outset, always remaining open and honest.