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Brick Restoration London

City Stone UK deliver the best brick restoration services to clients both in London and in the surrounding area. We work on a broad range of projects Relating to brick restoration including deep cleansing to remove and dissolve years and years of ground in dirt, pollution and alleviate the effects of adverse weather, be it heat or cold. We also offer repointing and cleaning for facades of building whether they are commercial or domestic.

Over the years since we launched City Stone UK, we have expanded our business to serve a diverse range of clients and offer a stone masonry service which is second to none. We work in close collaboration with clients, architects, design experts, property development professionals and householders to ensure that all work is completed on time, within budget and meets client specifications. We often work at domestic properties and we always treat your property and the surrounding area with care and respect. Before any brick restoration work begins, whether indoor or outdoor, we will ensure that any surrounding areas not included in the work are adequately protected.

One of the main services that we offer is brick cleaning along with our regular restoration service. Over a period of time buildings, particularly those which are located in the city are damaged by pollution and the weather and this can have a serious impact on the brickwork. Elaborate stonework can start to disintegrate and bricks will lose their original colour to the extent that some designs on buildings become indistinguishable from what they once were. That’s where our cleaning and restoration services can help. We will complete a full programme of restoration work which will gradually bring your building back to life.

The process of brick restoration commences when we start to apply a chemical, specifically formulated for stone masonry work to all exterior walls. Once this solution is combined with warm water and rinsed off the building it gently removes the grime and pollution leaving restoring the brick to its natural state. You may be concerned that the chemicals will damage the brickwork but you can rest assured that the technique we use and solutions we apply will certainly not damage any of your stonework. We don’t use sandblasting techniques which may damage the brick even further nor do we use any other type of aggressive cleaning techniques or equipment.

The brick restoration solutions that we provide and the systems we use have proven extremely successful on hundreds of projects and they offer a convenient and fast solution to cleaning and restoring all types of bricks. It is also a cost effective way to achieve results, adding value and appeal to your building. If you are undertaking a major building refurbishment and you are looking to include brick restoration we often recommend that this is completed as early as possible in the project.

So if you have a small terraced property or a large, family home and require brick restoration or cleaning services, why not get in touch with us today and book in your quotation?