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Natural Stone Work

One of the stone services that we provide is the specialist craft of traditional stonework using natural stonework. Based in London, we launched our business with the hope of promoting the stonemasons work and bringing back an old tradition and skill which has been passed down through the generations. We continue to deliver exceptionally high standards of stonework to an array of clients in London and the surrounding area. What’s more we bring years of experience to provide bespoke design services along with meticulous attention to detail across all of our stonemasonry work.

What’s more we project manage the entire process from sourcing the required stone and formulating initial designs through to installation, completion and even ongoing maintenance if this is something that you also require. Whether you are a domestic customer who would like to install some contemporary natural stone to an existing structure or you are a commercial business looking to restore an old building, or even a contractor looking to commence a building project, we are able to offer a complete stonemasonry service to help you achieve your goal.

Although our stonemasonry services make use of traditional skills, we combine this with the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that we can expertly complete the required work, ensuring that the restoration work exactly matches the stone of the surrounding building or wall. No matter what type of stone you need, whether it’s sandstone, gritstone, marble, slate or granite, we will be able to source the best quality from anywhere in the UK.

One of the most common natural stone types that we use includes limestone. This stone consists of calcium carbonate which has been formed over many years from particular organisms which have been compressed on sea and river beds for millions of years. Limestone used in contemporary stonemasonry is expertly quarried from the ground and carved into large square blocks. Once we have gathered the requirements for your project, we can place an order for the limestone, collect it from the quarry and then use my stonemasonry skills to craft it into the design required before affixing it to existing stonemasonry.

There are many different types of limestone available throughout the UK yet some of these are more suitable than others so it’s important that you obtain the right type for your project and that’s where we can help. Blue Lias stone is perfect for use if you are looking to install a new stone floor, bath stone is a sturdy stone for buildings of all types and Portland stone is often used on buildings of architectural interest as it is seen as one of the more impressive types of stone.

If you own a listed building and are looking to incorporate some natural stone it is really important that this is only attempted by an experienced stonemason and the planning documents are consulted as these will determine what type of stone can be used. We are the experts when restoring, repairing or installing stone on all types of building both old and relatively new, so why not contact us today to see how we can help you?