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New Stone Installations London

Any type of stone masonry work should always be completed by an experienced stonemason and here City Stone UK we use our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the trade to deliver outstanding levels of stonemasonry in London. We work with clients from the initial quote and budgeting the project, seamlessly coordinating resources and personnel to deliver an unrivalled service. As we work with a variety of clients on new stone projects it is really important that we are consulted as early as possible in the project planning to ensure that we can provide relevant advice and guidance relating to the construction.

Furthermore, we have supervised the installation of new stone, and we will send you a team of specialist installers who can read and interpret drawings and strictly adhere to all specifications and , building policies applying the necessary techniques to accurately install the stone. For a domestic building we can fix the stone to the existing structure making use of clamps and screws

Professional stonemasons still make use of the age old traditions stonemason’s centuries ago also used to construct some of the most stunning buildings which are still in existence today. The tried, tested and fine tuned skills of stonemasons have gradually evolved over the years and combined with new technologies and processes enable us to devices the very best stone mason services in the UK. New stone is appealing and able to withstand the elements and other factors such as pollutants in the atmosphere. We understand that if you are commencing a major project and you require the installation of new stone, you will want it to look it’s very best without costing a fortune. It often follows that if you are installing new stone you want it to look as authentic as possible.

This is particularly important if you are undertaking a piece of renovation work and are extending an old property. We will not only source and install new stone, we will also evaluate the existing stone in the surrounding area and use our expertise to match the new stone as closely as possible in terms of both texture and colour to the original as we possibly can.

If you are looking for quality stonemasons in London to offer some expert advice and guidance on a new stone project, please contact us today to discuss your requirements and book in an appointment for a stonemason quotation.