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Sandblasting / Abrasive Stone Cleaning London

There are a variety of reasons when you may find that you require your stonework to be sandblasted. Stains, invasive plant growth, dirt, pollutants and of course graffiti are all things that can make an otherwise beautiful building look in a state of disrepair. As well as obscuring the look of the building, these additions can also cause the building to deteriorate prematurely, creating irreparable damage to your prized brick or stonework. As such, we often advise that you carry out thorough sandblasting of buildings on a regular basis to preserve the masonry for as long as possible. However, whilst it is recommended, when it comes to cleaning masonry there are plenty of things to consider and it should be seen as a decision that should never be taken lightly. This is even more important when the building to be cleaned was constructed many years ago and subsequently preservation is even more important. It may also follow that greater care and attention to detail must be paid to ensure that the stonemasonry remains intact which can sometimes be a challenge.

Abrasive cleaning is perhaps one of the harsher methods of removing dirt from buildings and its use should be approached with caution. In addition, it should also be undertaken by an experienced company like City Stone UK who know what we are doing and have many happy clients to illustrate this. That said, the results from undertaking an abrasive clean on brick and stonework by an experienced and trusted stonemason can have a huge impact on the overall condition and look of the building, heralding fantastic results. Our dedicated team have a variety of specially designed cleaning tools and systems that are not only effective but gentle too. These tools are able to remove grime, mould, paint and graffiti as well as other build up and debris that can affect the masonry of your building.

We fully understand and appreciate those all important aspects to keep in mind when embarking on any stonemasonry cleaning project. As specialists in a wide range in stone we are able to assess the best methods to use for each cleaning project. We do this by carefully testing each one of the options open to you for your clean before we commence the cleaning project. We will assess that the method that is to be used will not harm the masonry in question and that it provides a gentle yet results wielding clean that will not cause any physical damage to the structure.

One of the methods that we use is the abrasive clean. Abrasive blast cleaning is a general term that is given to the variety of blast cleaning processes that is used in modern masonry. During the abrasive clean process the stonework is cleaned using very fine particles using a system that is powered by compressed air. Within this range of tools there are a variety of different abrasive cleaning systems including those that use water, those that are dry, low pressure systems and even micro-abrasive systems that have incredibly small nozzles. Abrasive cleaning was often a method only reserved for the most soiled of building and was thought to be a severe and invasive method of cleaning. However during recent years the abrasive cleaning systems and methods have been tailored and transformed to become something that can clean both effectively and gently. Abrasive cleaning is ideal when it comes to cleaning and refreshing limestone, sandstone and even in some cases granite too. If you tire of your aged and unsightly building then get in touch with us at City Stone UK and let our abrasive cleaning methods transform your stonework.