Stone Cleaning London / Brick Cleaning Services

We specialise in cleaning portland stone, bath stone, terra cotta, red mansfield, Kentish ragstone, marble and most natural building materials.

City Stone UK offer a full range of stone cleaning services, paint removal and graffiti removal. All work is carried out by our skilled operatives, with expert training in stone, brick, terra-cotta, granite and marble cleaning techniques.

Each project is inspected by our expert personnel prior to works commencing, in order to ascertain the most suitable and cost-effective method to achieve the desired result.

Specialist Chemical Stone Cleaning

We use only materials British standard approved from the industry’s leading manufacturers for all of our chemical stone cleaning projects.

Nebulous Water Spray Cleaning

This non-abrasive stone cleaning method involves a fine mist water spray applied under regulated pressure to the masonry surface, particularly suited to clean limestone and some sandstone.

Sandblasting / Abrasive Stone Cleaning

Both dry and wet abrasive techniques are utilised using equipment able to carefully control the amount of abrasive and pressure thus avoiding damage to the underlying surface.

Paint Removal / Graffiti Removal

Various materials and techniques are used depending on the type of paint and the surface to which it has been applied.

Poultice Marble & Granite Cleaning

In certain circumstances (particularly internal work) this can be an alternative method of cleaning. We are able to offer specialist marble and granite cleaning which is often used on badly stained marble and granite.

City Stone UK are experts in stone cleaning and restoration of stone on traditional buildings, religious establishments and architectural buildings of interest along with regular commercial and domestic buildings. We are an established business with an excellent client base, providing advice and recommendation to our clients on all aspects of stone cleaning restoration for both stone and brick repairs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Flooding with nebulous sprays to conduct water cleaning
  • Application of steam to gently remove dirt
  • Mild abrasive cleaning
  • Specific treatments to complete stain removal
  • Removal of paint
  • Chemical cleaning of brick and stonework
  • Jos System

It is really important to conduct a thorough evaluation of the building before we commence any work to identify the type of stone present and determine the  best technique

Adapting our cleaning processes and techniques to complete work on natural stone, marble, listed buildings and facades.

You can view our recent project work on our photo gallery here.

In some cases, a steam system is applied to remove dirt. The steam is controlled to suit the type of stone and objectives of the cleaning task. Over the past 40 years, we have been involved with the most prestigious cleaning projects in London.

We have a huge range of chemical treatment effective to remove paint, from all natural stone and brickwork without damaging the underlying stone. This is also used as a preparation applied to stone masonry before the use of cleaning solutions containing acid.

JOS system which is one of the more gentle methods of cleaning stone masonry and brick as it protects the stone while effectively eliminating and lifting dirt, sulphur deposits and general dirt from stone, concrete or brickwork.

For technical advice raise an enquiry via our contact page.