Nebulous Water Spray Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning of Stone

Chemical Cleaning of Stone

Conserving old buildings is really important and here at City Stone UK, that’s just one of our specialisms.  Approached correctly and the right treatments are used, cleaning can bring immediate results.

Nebulous Water Spray for Cleaning Historical Buildings

One of the many treatments available to effectively clean and subsequently restore buildings of any age is through the use of a nebulous spray which is one of the gentlest methods of cleaning stone. A nebulous spray treatment, often known as an intermittent mist spray is the use of very low-pressure water. These type of treatments are great for removing dirt which is water soluble or where chemical compounds have bound the dirt together. The aim of the nebulous treatment is to apply the least amount of water possible to soften the dirt. Using an ordinary low-pressure spray will saturate the stone causing damage which is certainly what you don’t want! It is really important that before you commission anyone to complete nebulous cleaning, they have undertaken a full evaluation and are adequately skilled and experienced in its application.

Removing Dirt from Stone Work

nebulous water spray cleaning

Nebulous Water Spray Cleaning

The nebulous system is based on the use of water, transferring it through a very fine mesh filter to create a mist which is then applied to the building, concentrating on areas of buildings and stonework where dirt is extremely prevalent. The water produced by the system can be controlled by timers or electronically to enable intermittent spraying to eliminate constant running water which runs down the building and damages the surrounding stonework.

When we carry out this treatment we will ensure that the nozzles are placed as close to the building’s surface as possible to ensure that the water is directed to the right areas of the building.

Natural Stone Cleaning

One of the main advantages of stone cleaning with water is that it is safe to use and kind on the environment and it is an excellent way to clean natural stones, such as Portland, Bath and York  the grime and dirt is softened which reduces the likelihood of surrounding or treated brick becoming damaged and enables the stonemason to monitor the stone as they work.

As ‘overtreatment’ or if the porosity of the stone is not identified correctly, damage can occur to certain finishes, surrounding timber or fixtures.

Removing Paint from Stonework

Remove Paint from Stonework

Remove Paint from Stonework

The DOFF system removes loose paint and chemical residue, dirt, grime, It will also remove biological matter such as moss fungi killing off spores.

This process can achieve 150ᵒc of steam at the end of the nozzle but can be varied in temperature and pressure depending on the matter to be removed. When the temperature is higher the pressure can be lowered therefore creating a gentler action and the volume of water is also low meaning the surface will not be saturated and can dry very quickly.

Here at City Stone UK, we are specialists in stone cleaning and restoration and as such can complete any type of stone cleaning work, whether it is chemical based or the using a gentler treatment such as the nebulous system.

We will visit your premises before any treatment commences to determine the level of cleaning required and also the type of treatment that will suit the stonemasonry.