Sand blasting / Abrasive Stone Cleaning London

Sand blasting / Shot Blasting / Grit blasting / Micro abrasive cleaning are abrasive methods used to clean stone and brick work.

There are a variety of reasons when you may find that you require your stone or brickwork work to be sand blasted.

We have a full range of materials of fine grades aggregate

This method removes paints, dirt, carbon, bitumen, lime scale, graffiti and biological matter, from any building fabric such as brick, stone, wood, concrete etc., without damaging the substrate of the surface.

City Stone Uk are specialist in abrasive cleaning with over 40 years in the industry we are experts in this field of cleaning, restoration and repairs.

That said, the results from undertaking an abrasive clean on brick and stonework by an experienced and trusted stonemason can have a huge impact on the overall condition and look of the building, heralding fantastic results. Our dedicated team have a variety of specially designed cleaning tools and systems that are not only effective but gentle too.

As specialists in a wide range in stone we are able to assess the best methods to use for each cleaning project.

We will assess the method best used for the masonry in question and that it provides a gentle yet results wielding clean that will not cause any physical damage to the structure.

City Stone Uk, Stone Cleaners also fully trained in the TORC cleaning system This method uses a mixture of low pressure air, a little water and a safe inert fine aggregate such as calcium carbonate.