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Stone Repairs London

There are a whole host of reasons why stonework may need repairing and on some of the older buildings such as churches and architectural buildings of interest will have many areas of stonemasonry that have been carefully carved including balconies, facades and cornices. If your building or part of it has been constructed using sandstone or limestone which is looking tired or has been damaged, our stonemasons can provide a wealth of affordable stone repairs London.

The most popular and perhaps most common type of repair work is for natural stone. A skilled stonemason will be able to remove whole portions of damaged stone and replace with natural stone, matching both colour and texture so it blends in effectively with the surroundings. It is also important that replacement stone is compatible with the surrounding area to ensure that it does not react with the surrounding area and cause further damage. It is often hoped that new stone for replacement is obtained from the original source but this is sometimes not possible so the next best thing is used instead.

If a large amount of stone needs replacing it can sometimes impact on the structure of the building and stability so it is really important that stone repair on this scale is approached with care and undertaken by a company like ourselves. This process is known as stone indenting or piecing in. The process typically involves a large section of old masonry being removed and replaced with a piece of natural stone which neatly fits into place.

With the weather and other environmental factors, the surface of the stone can often become damaged. We offer a complete surface repair service which is kind of a cosmetic application to eliminate any initial or minor problems with the stone. This type of repair often results in little to no disruption as the work is carried out on site using a specialist repair mortar. Nevertheless, there are two types of mortar which include natural stone repair and synthetic stone repair. The former is a blend of natural hydraulic lime along with combined sand and aggregates mixed with potable water. This can be prepared by the stone mason or a specialist who is on site during the course of the work but it is important that is carried out by an expert as they need to determine the condition, strength and colour of the masonry to which the mortar is to be applied. The second type, synthetic mortar is commonly lab manufactured using a blend of polymers and aggregates in combination with a catalysing agent. These types of mortars dry very quickly and are lightweight to apply to the stone. This type of mortar is often used when clients require the stone repair to appear ‘invisible’ as the mortar can be stained to match the surrounding masonry.

If you are looking for structural type repairs, this is also a service that we offer. You know that you require structural repairs when cracks begin to appear in stone walls, lintels or windowsills which can, if left unattended lead to major structural problems. We will work to create small openings in the cracked stone and apply a combination of epoxy material and stainless steel reinforcements to repin the two pieces of masonry back together.

We offer an extensive range of repair services, so if something is not mentioned on here that you require, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to accommodate any type of stone masonry work.