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Stone Restoration London

Stone Restoration is a process which requires a high degree of skill and should only be completed by trained and skilled professionals. The restoration of stone does as it says, restores worn stones whether this is due to weather, environmental factors or damage to as close to the original as possible. Depending on how worn the stone is it may involve changing the surface of the stone to achieve the required finish. We specialise in the restoration of many different types of stone and it is really important that you choose a company like us to complete the work for you. General trades people will not have the required skills or tools to carry out the work correctly and may damage the stone even further, resulting in the completion of costly repair work.

Restoring any type of stone needs to be approached with care as there are lots of intricate steps that must be taken to complete the restoration. Often it involves the removal of scratches and other damage to the surface of the stone using special tools and mechanical abrasion techniques. When working with natural stone, this doesn’t require any type of coating application to achieve the required finish. Different types of stone will require their own process to complete the restoration and that’s where we can help. During our work we will also ensure that the surrounding stone is not damaged as a result of the restoration work. If we use certain techniques we will ensure that all surrounding surfaces and stonework are protected before commencing any work.

The cost of our stone mason services can vary considerably depending on the type of stone, extent of the restoration and area to be restored. Each type of stone will present its own challenges and it is impossible to determine what the final result will be, but with our considerable expertise you will see a vast improvement in any type of stone after the completion of our restoration work. The cost of the work will also be determined by the location of the building, the complexity of the work and the type of stone to be restored. A more fragile stone may take longer to clean as more care is required, yet a harder stone may prove more difficult to restore. Only by completing a thorough review of the stone will we be able to determine the actual cost, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

Many people ask how long the stone restoration process takes, but again, this is often a difficult question to answer with any accuracy. Each stone is unique and as such involves a certain amount of time to restore. Our quotation service will be able to provide you with a rough timescale of the proposed work once we have evaluated the site to be restored and determined the type of stone.

After we have finished the restoration, we will provide you with some top tips to maintain the stone over the long term to ensure that it stays as good as new for as long as possible. We will also provide advice on how to remove scratches, marks and minor wear and tear along with recommending how to avoid costly and major restoration or repair work in the future.

Our stone masonry services are second to none, but if you are not sure about which is the right service for you, take advantage of our quotation service and speak to one of our friendly team who will be able to provide an accurate cost report and scope of work for any type of stonework.