Stone & Brick Restoration in London

We are stone and brick restorations specialists in the London area who can demonstrate a high degree of skill in the repair and restoration of stone. We can provide you with a broad range of options and packages to suit your budget and stone repairing requirements. Stone cutting, carving and restoration is a technique which dates back many hundreds of years and our craftsmen have developed these skills to deliver the very best in stonemasonry services throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Why Stone Restoration?

As an alternative to replacing stone, in some circumstances, we are able to carry out sympathetic repairs. We are skilled at matching the many types of stone using specialist repair materials to match colour, texture and details of the surrounding stone. While restoration is about renewing stone it is really important that it is approached correctly with the right skills. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of stone masonry and meticulously restore all kinds of stonework. We want to ensure that ageing or damaged stone is renewed but looks authentic and blends in with the surrounding stone. As we have over 30 years experience in stone restoration we know how to approach the process using the right techniques to match both colour and texture. Regardless of how old the building is, we will try our very best to match the stone to ensure that the restored area is as close to the original as possible.

New Stone Installations

We can supply and fix new stone, designed to match existing in new natural or reconstituted stonework, We are able to advise on all stone types, whether to include marble, granite and hard limestones.

Natural Stonework

We are able to replicate and replace damaged stonework matching the colour texture and details of the existing stone. All work is carried out by experienced masons and fixed in accordance with Industry good practice. Any new items can be made to specific details and specification.

Stone Repairs

Often loose and dangerous stone can be taken down and re-fixed and repaired using selected epoxy resins. We utilise a range of standard and purpose made stainless steel /non-ferris metal fixings to suit the individual location.

Brick Repointing

We carry out repointing works using various techniques and materials depending on the individual property. Such as lime putty to gage and pencil pointing.

Stone Cleaning

There is much more to cleaning stone than using a pressure washer or other cleaning tool. It is really important that before attempting any cleaning work you fully understand the type of stone and the most suitable method of cleaning. Failure to assess the stone correctly and misuse of cleaning chemicals or tools can have a huge impact on the life of the stone. That’s where our expertise is required. We have the experience to assess the stone and determine how thoroughly it needs cleaning in order to restore it as close as possible to how it looked when new.

City Stone UK use the latest tools to thoroughly yet gently remove graffiti, bird droppings, algae and other materials effectively without having a negative impact on the underlying stone. We also make use of TORC which involves applying a slow, rotating vortex along with low air pressure, a small amount of water and a mild abrasive to gently remove things such as smoke, paint, lime scale and certain oils which may present on certain buildings

Stone Conservation

Conservation is an essential task to preserve the stonework on ageing buildings such as churches and buildings of interest. The conservation process relating to stone is complex yet it is really important that you choose a business who approaches it with care. Through our years of experience, we have been able to develop wide-ranging knowledge on different materials, how different types of stone can wear over a period of time, the impact of weather and how the different types of stone may settle. If you have a building in London which you would like to conserve contact us to see what our specialist team can do.