New Stone Installations London

City Stone UK have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the stonework trade to deliver outstanding levels of stone masonry in London. We work with all clients on all new stone projects, for private, residential and commerical clients. t is really important that we are consulted as early as possible in the project planning phase to ensure that we can provide relevant advice and guidance relating to the construction. Our services include installation of new stone

  • to window arches, windows cills and heads, floors, walls, steps
  • take moulding of the existing and replace with new
  • new installations of apex, columns, plinths, balustrades and copping stones
  • affix new stone to an existing structure

We work with the client and interpret architectural drawings in order to strictly adhere to all specifications and building policies and regulations, applying the necessary techniques to accurately install the stone.

Natural Stonework

Our expert stonemasons will also evaluate the existing stone in the surrounding area and use our expertise to match the new stone as closely as possible in terms of both texture and colour to the original.

Professional stonemasons still make use of the age-old traditions stonemason’s centuries ago also used to construct some of the most stunning buildings which are still in existence today.

Contact us for a quote and we can schedule in a site visit to discuss your requirements.