Stone Repairs London

Stone repair work is usually required where the stone has become eroded though time and weathering older buildings such as churches and architectural buildings of interest will have many areas of stone masonry that have been carefully carved. Or where there has been damage cause to the building by reversing cars and lorries etc.

City Stone Uk conservation in cleaning and restoration can undertake a  small and large  projects with our 45 years of experience  working on the most prestigious buildings in London. You should be confident in knowing our advise has come with a wealth of experience in this industry.

Typical stone repairs are very often required at high level and require stabilising usually dislodged by adverse weather conditions and health and safety to the general public and where the features are lost through time and wearing.

  • where the position of the building is subjective to weathering, typical repairs are to;
  • copings, cornices, plinths, balustrades, base stones,  windows  cills and heads, buttresses and so forth.
  • Ornate features
  • Facade work
  • Surface repairs for minor cosmetic imperfections using special prepared mortar
  • Synthetic stone repair using a stone pre-mix.
  • Staining stone to match the existing.

Part of the repair work is to create small openings in the cracked stone and apply a combination of epoxy material and stainless steel reinforcements to rein the two pieces of masonry back together.

A skilled stone mason will be able to remove whole portions of damaged stone and replace with natural stone, matching both colour and texture so it blends in effectively with the surroundings. In some cases the cleaning process needs to be carried out first.

It is also important that replacement stone is compatible with the surrounding area.

Stone replacement is known as stone indenting or piecing in. The process typically involves a large section of old masonry being removed and replaced with a piece of natural stone which neatly fits into place.

This can be in ashlar block form and usually where damage has occurred to the building.

We offer an extensive range of repair services, so if something is not mentioned on here that you require, please contact us with your enquiry.