Stonework Restoration

Stone restoration is a process which requires a high degree of skill and should only be completed by trained and skilled professionals. Our craftspeople are experts in repairing

  • stonework
  • brickwork
  • terracotta
  • faience and stucco rendering
  • removal of paint in preparation for restoration

Stonework Repair & Restoration Services

Different types of stone will require their own process to complete the restoration and that’s where we can help you with.

The restoration of stone restores worn stones, whether this is due to weather, environmental factors or damage to as close to the original line and profile of the stone as possible. Depending on how worn the stone is, it may involve changing the surface of the stone to achieve the required finish.

Stone Repair Specialists

We specialise in the restoration of many different types of stone and it is really important that you choose a company like us to complete the work for you.

Each stone is unique and as such involves a certain amount of time to restore. Our quotation service will be able to provide you with a rough timescale of the proposed work once we have evaluated the site to be restored and determined the type of stone.

We would be happy to help if you are not sure about which is the right service for you. Take advantage of our quotation service and speak to one of our team who will be able to arrange a visit to the site for more accurate cost report and scope of work for any type of stone cleaning and restoration work.